Only 22 Out Of 100 Will Reach Fitness Goals In 2011

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Reaching Fitness GoalsThat’s right, 78% of New Years resolutions fail in the first 60 days.  Yep, for every 100 people who resolve to get fit next year, only 22 will actually do it.  A great many will start, but the first sign of trouble, and they jump ship.  How can you beat the odds and reach your fitness goals?  The answer is easier than you may think.  The simple key to making sure your New Years resolution is a success, regardless of what you want to achieve, is to…

Start Now!

Theoretically it takes 27 days to establish a habit.  So you’d better get started establishing so once January 1st rolls around, and your hangover is starting to ease-up, you can continue your established habit of regular exercise.

Follow The ABC Method of Habit-Building

A = Action. Start taking action today. We don’t achieve change through thinking about it, but by doing something.

B = Bite size. Reduce all your new bodyweight exercise routine into small daily actions. It truly is amazing how doing something small doesn’t overwhelm us and produces amazing results. When we take on too much we either don’t start or can’t keep it up. Work out 20 minutes a day; [Read More Here],  and the results will materialize over time.

C = Consistency. Through the accumulation of small actions, we get big results. Do your bite size action activities daily!

A great way to get started early to ensure your success is to learn all you can about the changes you want to make.  Get started today with a subscription to No Gym Magic.

Be sure you come back Wednesday for more on Goal Reaching.  You did read that correctly. 
Most “gurus” talk about goal setting, but never about reaching them.  Your goals are already set, aren’t they? 
So why do you need more blabber about setting them?  You don’t, and that’s why I’m not going to give it to you. 
What I am going to give you is help in goal reaching.

So, until Wednesday, get educated, get ready, and take action!

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