P90X Review

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P90X Review

At a whopping 120 bucks for the bare bones system or 270 bucks for all the “recommended” bells, whistles, door frame hangers, “recovery drinks”, and motivational wall posters featuring the king of “Muscle Confusion”; P90X is a dent in the wallet to say the least.  But does it work?  Is the missed mortgage payment worth it?

First of all, I am biased against anything that sells itself with the tremendous piles of 30-minute infomercial hype that Tony Horton uses to cram this program down your throat.  Just wanted to get that cleared up immediately so you know where I’m coming from.

Second, I have to take issue with his whole Trademarked “Muscle Confusion” concept.  Horton’s trademarking alone leads me to believe it is more marketing than science.  Furthermore, after several years of practicing remote medicine is some of the crappiest places in the world, I have some core knowledge of how muscles work.  I learned in basic anatomy and physiology that muscles do two things:  Contract and Relax.  How can a muscle be confused?  It does one of two things, and it can’t do both at the same time.  It just won’t work, not for carbon based life anyway.  So, if my muscles are confused, are they leaving my body and going to a shrink to find their way in life?  So, I’ll let you decide if it’s bunk or brilliant.

What you do get:
12 video guided workouts – both packages
3 Phase Nutrition Plan – both packages
P90X Fitness Guide – both packages
“How To Bring It” video – both packages
P90X Calendar – both packages
Online Support – both packages
Chin-Up Bar – Super Duper Package Only
“Pro-Grade” Jump mat – Super Duper Package Only
30 Day Supply of Recovery Drink – Super Duper Package Only
3 Resistance Bands – Super Duper Package Only

Special unlisted bonuses for purchasing P90X:
Sense of being cool for purchasing the latest fad in home-based fitness DVD’s.
You won’t need to exercise your brain, since all you have to do is follow along with the video.  (Perfect for brain-dead TV zombies who want to get fit)

Ok, I know…  “Janos, you’re being really hard on this program.  Just about everyone I know has it. ”  That’s cool.  Hey, I bought it too.  I checked it out.  I did the workouts along with Mr. Horton on my 60″ LG LCD TV.  And, I’m telling you that you can get more bang for your buck with other programs.

I’m not telling you not to buy it. Go ahead and order it if you want.  I can’t help you replace the feeling of being one of the “cool” guys who is doing P90X.  You have to make that decision on your own.

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