Packed Gyms and Bodyweight Workouts – Danny’s Dilemma

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Packed Gyms and Bodyweight Workouts

Danny’s problem was just too complicated to him to be solved in a simple email, so I wrote him back and told him to call me on the phone.  Boy, that was a mistake.  Imagine trying to carry on a conversation with a 4 second delay.  We almost had to take it “old-school” and say, “over” after each sentence…

So, I was back to writing an email to help him solve his problem.  Now, Danny is a lot like me and most other folks and will not accept just being told what to do.  To sell him on an idea you have to break down his problems and then provide detailed, clearly explained solutions to each, and that’s what we’re going to do together.  I got Danny’s permission to use his troubles as a live case study and learning experience for everyone, since his problems are all-too-common today, just not always to his extremes.

We have all had days where a gym-based workout was just not possible.  For some, this can last weeks or longer.  I have friends who work in the oil fields all over the world in some pretty desolate places.  And this analysis is going to help all those people and you too, if you have trouble finding time to get in a decent workout.

Let’s look at Danny’s major roadblock:  Loss of interest in working out

And we ask, “why?”

Talking to Danny I found that:
–  Getting to the gym was too much hassle.
–  Trying to work out in a crowded gym was too time consuming.
–  Difficulties in living conditions made after-gym activities almost painful.

So for poor Danny, just getting to the gym after a full 12 hour workday was an exercise in frustration and inconvenience.  Danny has to walk about a quarter mile to get to his tent, then change into his gym clothes, and walk another half mile to the gym.  This alone is part of a workout in itself.  But within yards of his tent is an old Soviet Era jungle-gym thing.  (that’s how he explained it to me)

Once he finally gets to the gym, it is after work h ours for almost the entire base and it is packed with soldiers, airmen, and other civilians trying to work out.  On top of the people actually trying to workout, there are usually many more who were TOLD to go to the gym.  These guys are only there because they have to be, so they are completely unmotivated and thus slowly and lazily trued through a half-ass workout at a snail’s pace.  To Danny, this is the biggest turn-off to going to the gym.  And fortunately the easiest problem for us to solve, and we’ll do that on Friday and make Danny’s exercise solution OUR weekend challenge.

After struggling to get through even the most basic workout under these gym conditions, Danny has to walk all the way back to his tent, grab his hygiene gear and hike another quarter mile to the shower facilities.  Once there, it is now the busiest time of the day for the shower units.  He has to wait in line for a shower head and of course, the water heaters can’t keep up with the demand, so after a workout, Danny is taking a semi-cold shower.  You guessed it – cramp city…

After hearing all this, I can’t blame him at all for wanting to give up.  I would have long before now.

Do you face any roadblocks similar to Danny’s?

Is getting to a gym more trouble for you than it’s worth?

Are you wasting precious time you will never get back waiting for equipment in the gym?

If you face any or all of these apparent roadblocks to getting fit, Friday’s weekend challenge will bring it all together and end your dependence on going to the gym forever.

Think about this…  You will never be completely dependent on a gym again.  That means, you will never HAVE to pay a monthly membership, never HAVE to drive out of your way, never HAVE to catch athlete’s foot from public showers, never (if you’re a woman) HAVE to be “eye-balled” by sweaty fools, and best of all, you will NEVER have to miss another workout.

So stay tuned.  Stay positive.  And stay motivated.

Janos “the gym itself is killing me, not the workout” Kovacs

P.S. – Today’s image may not seem relevant, but click it to see a hilarious video clip from Family Guy.  I had to put it in because the phone call from Danny reminded me of it.

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