Portable Workouts And Holiday Travel Part 1

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bodyweight cardio portable workoutThis is the biggest travel week of the year in the US.  This week millions upon millions of Americans will be leaving home and visiting relatives in far-off cities or small country towns.

This begs the questions:
“How will I still be able to do my workouts while I am away from home and my gym?”  

“Should I just skip my workouts altogether and take a ‘fitness holiday’ as well as a work holiday?”

The answers are very simple.

BWET Portable Workouts


Nope, bad idea.


Introducing the exclusive BWET Portable Workouts

Each workout can fit on a 3×5 card or a single page in your day planner.

We’ll get started with a quick Bodyweight Cardio Workout today that will get your blood pumping and fire up your metabolism.  This workout is time based, so put forth your maximum effort for the time given for each exercise.  Rest during interval breaks only.

BWET Portable Bodyweight Cardio Workout

Warm up – Jumping Jacks for 2 Minutes

The workout:
Mountain Climbers
– 3 Minutes
Rest 1 Minute
– 2 Minutes
Rest 1 Minute
360 Degree Lunges
– 2 Minutes
Rest 1 minute
– 2 Minutes
Rest 1 Minute
Ab Bicycles
– 2 Minutes
Cool Down Stretches for 3 Minutes

And you’re finished.  That’s all you need to keep up your card routine while traveling.  Remember, it’s intensity, not the length of your workout that is most important.  If you put 100% into this short workout, you will get 100% out of it.

If you Half-A$$ it, you will let yourself down.

I’ll see you again on Wednesday when we do a double on Upper and Lower Body.  If you’re on the road, make sure you’re subscribed to the blogcast and you’ll get an email with the routines.

Happy Thanksgiving, and if you’re driving, please be safe.

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