Prison Workout Using Only Bodyweight Exercises

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Prison Workout Using Only Bodyweight ExercisesI read an article this weekend about how the US has more incarcerated people per capita than almost all the other nations combined.  Besides al the socio-economic questions that posed, as well as basic human rights issues, a wasted labor force and the huge bill this puts on tax payers every year, I wondered how all these guys stayed fighting fit.  After all, being out of shape in the joint can be a life threatening problem.  Especially when someone else wants your cigarettes, and is willing to fight for them.  So, let’s take a look a prison workout and see what it’s all about.




Watch this workout from a no-shit convict and actual filmed in the prison.
With just two small sized bath towels and a partner you can get your workout without any fancy equipment.


We’ve posted prison workouts before, but having found Gary’s video.  It’s time to look at it again.  Previously, I focused on solitary workouts, meaning you are by yourself and without a partner.  Today. we’re going to look at working out using only bodyweight exercises and a partner to add resistance or assistance.

Push-Up Failure Pyramid:
Using a standard towel and your partner:
Assume the standard push-up position.  Have your partner stand over your waist and hold the towel like a cradle under your armpits and across the top of your chest.
Your partner will only hold the towel in place until you reach failure.
Once you can no longer push yourself up, your partner will provide upward momentum by pulling on the towel to get you to back up to the start position.  You will use your own strength for the negative on the way down.
Use this technique for any style of push-up.

Partner Assist Pull-Ups:
Hang from the pull-up bar with your knees bent to 90 degrees and one foot hooked on the other.
Your partner will hold his hands under your toes and only apply upward pressure to assist you to reach the top of the pull-up motion.  You will apply pressure into his hand by pressing into it with your toes (using your thigh muscles).

Partner Assist Reverse Crunches:
Lie on your back with your legs extended.  Bring your legs upward until your waist is at 90 degrees.
Your partner will stand over your waist facing your feet.
Your partner will firmly push your feet toward the ground.  You will stoop that motion and bring them back tot he starting position.
Variations include pushing the legs to the sides and at various angles, but always toward the ground.

With these exercises, and the exercises in the video, you should be able to get into great shape even if you’re not assigned an inmate number.

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