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Reaching Fitness GoalsSo, you’ve got yourself educated on your fitness goals for the up-coming new year, you’ve ordered your subscription to No Gym Magic, and are all ready to start your reaching your fitness goals.

Your goals are already set, you know how much weight you want to lose, how many push-ups you want to do in 2 minutes, how many pull-ups you want to be able to do unassisted, etc.  So how do you reach those goals?

First, let me tell you straight-up there is no magic bullet.  No magic pill that will make you lose weight while you sleep.  No secret injection used by Hollywood Celebrities to get into movie-making shape in just 2 weeks.

What does exist, is your determination, your desires, your mindset, and your body.
It will take all of these and a healthy dose of sweat to get you to the shape you want to be in.

Let’s start with the idea of rituals versus habits.  Rituals are something you do at the same time every time.  Maybe not time as seen on your clock, but chronologically.
Here’s an example…
Every morning I wake up, check on my infant son in his crib, and go to the bathroom.  Then I start the coffee pot and do my 20 minute bodyweight routine while the coffee pot is running.  After that, I take my shower, shave and get dressed for the day.  
These are my morning rituals.  Habits on the other hand are just something we do frequently and without thinking.  Take smoking for instance, it’s a habit.  although you will likely ritualize it to some extent like a smoke after a meal or with your morning coffee.  I did when I was a smoker.  But for the most part, it was just a habit.  Something I did throughout the day when there was a psychological trigger for it.

In order to succeed at reaching your fitness goals, you have to make your workouts a ritual.  Something you do on set days at set times in the day for a set reason.  Your reason, not mine, not your spouse’s, YOURS.  My reasons for following my fitness rituals aren’t sufficient to make you exercise.  You reasons aren’t going to make your spouse exercise, and vice versa.  So, right now, before you even read another paragraph, pick your reason and write it down.  I’ll wait for you.

Good.  You’re back.  Your reason is written down?

Now hang it somewhere you will see it frequently throughout your day.  Make multiple copies if you have to.

Moving on, next we’ll talk about making time for your fitness ritual.  This is probably the biggest challenge you will have to face.  Once time gets tight, the first thing to go is exercise.  And the excuses outnumber the global population of insects.  Don’t try it, I’ve heard or used variations of them all.  “I’ll double-up” tomorrow”, “I’ll just skip today to get this report finished”, “I have to take the kids to karate lessons, I’ll do it tomorrow” – on and on and on…

Think about this.  If you don’t have 20 minutes for yourself in the morning, evening or mid-day; when will you have time for yourself?  Yes, I did say 20 minutes.  That’s all it takes.

Make one of the BWET 20 Minute workouts part of your daily rituals.

In Friday’s Weekend Challenge, you’ll be guided through the steps to find 20 minutes in your day.  The challenge will be to fill it with exercises.  Don’t miss it.

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