Six Stupid Celebrity Diets And 5 Common Sense Solutions To Healthy Eating

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Six Stupid Celebrity Diets And 5 Common Sense Solutions To Healthy EatingHave you recently seen the completely crazy fad diets shamelessly promoted by Hollywood celebrities?  Today we will look at the six most recent and popular ways movie stars and musicians are using and promoting to shed weight.  We will also look at 5 common sense approaches to healthy eating and how to “diet” without doing anything crazy like eating baby food for 2 weeks.  Being healthy and fit does not mean being scrawny and malnourished.

Beyonce Knowles – Maple Syrup Diet
Also known as the “Master Cleanse” diet, it is based on the theory that maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper mixed in a certain proportion will rid your body of toxins and fat.  All that and a 20 pound weight loss in just 10 days.  Hard to believe, but of course there are celebrities who swear by it.  If you have 10 days to try it, go ahead, but for me, common sense will prevail and the idea of finding nutrition in a condiment cocktail for 10 days is out of the question.

Renee Zellweger – Ice Cube Diet
Yeah, for about $1.50 a day ($45.00 a month) you get to eat a frozen plug of Hoodia extract and lemon juice.  And miraculously you start loosing weight.  Supposedly it is supposed to keep you from getting hungry.  Now, for the interesting part.  Two major pharmaceutical companies (known for never backing away form anything profitable) have abandoned clinical studies of Hoodia based products.  Of course, all the advertisements never tell you the whole truth, like this product is intended to be used in conjunction with a program of diet and exercise that would in and of itself result in a weight loss…

Gwyneth Paltrow – Juice Diet
Apparently in order to drop about 2 1/4 pounds from her already slight frame, this actress decided it would be healthy to live on fruit and vegetable juices for 2 weeks while preparing for her role in Iron Man 2.  While these types of prolonged starvation diets will result in weightless, they are far from healthy, and will, unlike Intermittent Fasting, result in malnutrition and a loss in muscle tissue.

Reese Witherspoon – Baby Food Diet
What?  Is she serious?  Well, here’s a short breakdown of this diet.  The program consists of either eating 3 meals entirely of baby food or one “adult” meal and 2 baby food meals daily for The touted pros are that baby food is free of additives, pure and full of vitamins.  Portion control is easy since jars of baby food are rather small.  There are completely “organic” brands of baby food available at almost every grocery store.  The drawbacks I see for this is the extreme of portion control may lead to binge eating later in the day, and the extreme cost of baby food.  Honestly, you can get fresh, healthy and nutrient rich foods much cheaper than a jar of Gerber’s, and If you eat fresh fruits and vegetables until you are honestly full, then you are less likely to binge later.

Victoria Beckham – Her own “Eat Like A Bird Diet”
The background on this skin-and-bones Spice Girl’s bout with semi-insanity is actually mind-numbingly simple.  The less you eat, the less you will weigh.  A simplistic logic that has worked for famine stricken nations world-wide has now become a fad of the super-star elite.  Now, by far, this diet is the cheapest of all since you buy less food.  However, consistently (meaning daily) consuming far fewer calories than your body requires for basic metabolism will without fail lead to clinical malnutrition.  Granted a calorie deficit of about 1000 calories per week is required for weight loss, eating like a sparrow will have bad effects.  You can forget working out on this diet as you will not have the energy to complete event he most basic full body routine.  This one is just dangerous for a normal person.

Christina Aquilera – 7-Day Color Diet
Perfect for people with OCD or a six-year-old, this diet definitely crosses the line of absurdity.  If it must be explained, here goes…  Each day of the week, you only eat foods of a certain color with one “rainbow” day where you get to mix them.  It sounds like someone spent too much time as a kid sorting their M&M’s.  The is simply no logic or reasoning behind this diet other than a mad social experiment to see what fans will do to emulate their idols.  Seriously, skip this one.

After those six crazy crash diets guaranteed to contribute to the yo-yo effect and seriously hinder your efforts for fitness, here are 5 tips from the modeling world that actually do make some sense and have reasonable logic behind them…

Stay hydrated
Drink enough water for your lifestyle and environment.  There is no magic number of glasses you should drink every day.  However, I can speak from experience, when you are in the Southern Iraqi desert, you do need a LOT more water than if you were in Toldeo, Ohio.  The general rule of thumb is if your urine is clear, you are well hydrated.

Chew your food
For some reason this makes me think of how your body seems to magically put corn back together after you eat it.  But really, it is poor chewing that causes that illusion.  I even tested it with cream-style corn.  I’ll skip any further details on that one to remain in good taste.  But seriously, you need to chew your food until it is no longer visually recognizable as food.  Use your mind’s eye for this.  DO NOT carry a small mirror to the table with you.  Your dinner mates will not like you checking your chewing after each bite.

Have a diet buddy
There is nothing like being accountable to someone else to get you motivated.  It’s even more fun if you make a contest out of it, just keep it healthy.  If you really want to get an edge over your contest buddy, then check out Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat.  It’s got to be the most simple and scientifically proven non-diet “diet” out there.

Eat Breakfast
When you wake up, you are naturally hungry.  That’s because while you are sleeping, your body is using the nutrients you consumed the day before to make repairs and keep you healthy.  If you skip breakfast and just grab a coffee to go, by lunchtime you will be a ravenous beast.  Besides that, you will begin to fade out about mid-morning, making your boss wonder what you are doing at night to make you so tired at work.

Eat more fresh foods
If you have ever noticed the other seemingly thinner cultures around the globe, other than those suffering famine, they all have one thing in common.  Their diets consist of fresh foods and plenty of veggies.  There’s just no substitute for common sense eating habits.  If your food was made on an assembly line, you can bet it isn’t fresh.  Visit your local farmer’s market, break out your cutlery, and prepare some food yourself.  Cooking is a great joy, and nothing can replace a home cooked meal.

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