Spring Cleaning For Your Fitness Routines

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Spring Cleaning For Your Fitness RoutinesWell, Spring has already sprung and the time change has finally occurred here in Central Europe, making it feel official.  As March fades outing a dreary drizzle of chilly rain, we all look forward to the warm days of summer and relaxing on the beaches.  Wether on the lakes or ocean, we all want to look our best for swim suit season.  But, will those missed workouts from a long winter set us back?  Let’s look at getting our exercise routines back in shape for spring and summer.

Out with the old…
As the weather warms, here we get out into our gardens and prep everything for planting.  gather up and get rid of all the old debris and left overs from winter.  Today, we’re going to do the same here with our exercise routines.

In with the new…
In recent months, there have been a ton of shiny and new fitness programs made available to us.  From underwater, to bootcamps, to Latin dancing routines, there is plenty to choose from.  But, do you really need to run out and get the latest?  Not really, unless you simply want to.  Here are a few ways to renew your routine and not fall prey to the latest infomercial craze.

Get outside.
Even a sunny patch of grass can be a great workout location.  Many of our proven workouts are specifically designed to be done in virtually any space.  The fresh air and sunshine will only add to the workouts by improving your emotional fitness as well as your physical fitness.

Get organized.
Go through the house or garage and get all your fitness products into one place.  Carefully go over each one and try to remember the last time you used it properly.  Hanging clothes on the treadmill or stair climber doesn’t count as proper use.  Separate the things out that you haven’t used in 90 days and get rid of them.  Take what’s left (if anything) and find a dedicated space for it.  Make this your workout place.  Keep it a dedicated space.  This will help to make sure you will actually use it.  If you are exercising in a shared space, then your exercise stuff will get moved for other tasks and never brought back out.

Get motivated.
Take into consideration that Memorial Day is only about 2 months away.  Since Memorial day weekend is usually the start of beach season, you don’t have too much time to prepare.  If you don’t have a planned and structured workout routine, you will have a difficult time getting ready.

Build your workout routine.
It’s time to build the workout routine that you will use for the next 2 months.
Remember that you don’t want to do the same exercises day after day or you will get bored and lose your motivation.  This is a good time to consider one of our recommended products the Reviews Section.  TACFIT Commando is the most popular right now, and is a good, solid program that needs almost no equipment. Also, Visual Impact Muscle Building has been well received by other readers.  Both are backed by unconditional money-back guarantees.

So, get busy.  Get your fitness goals in order, refresh your motivation for getting into great shape, and get started.  Remember the old saying, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Take that step today and reap the rewards sooner than you think…

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