The 300 Bodyweight Workout Will Keep You Fighting Fit!

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With its super intense 300 workouts, the movie “300” has been immensely inspirational for all those who aspire to get into fighting fit form. However, a kettlebell and a barbell are necessary to complete the entire 300 workout circuit, and not having these two pieces of equipment is one of the biggest obstacles most people have had to face.

If you find yourself at this juncture, don’t give up yet! The good news is you can use your own bodyweight to formulate your own custom-designed 300 workout! The key to the 300 workout lies in short-listing 5-10 super effective exercises and then performing maximum repetitions in minimum time for each of the exercises.  

The 300 workout originally consisted of:

•    25 Pull-Ups
•    50 Deadlifts (135lbs weight)
•    50 Push-Ups
•    50 Box Jumps (24 inch)
•    50 Floor Wipers
•    50 Clean-and-Press (Single-Arm; 36lbs Kettlebell)
•    25 Pull-Ups

Men’s Health, the magazine that was instrumental in introducing the 300 workout to the rest of us, did actually publish a similar workout that consisted purely of bodyweight workouts, as show below:

•    Push-Ups (15 Repetitions)
•    Jumping Jacks (50 Repetitions)
•    Bodyweight Rows (15 Repetitions)
•    Bodyweight Squats (25 Repetitions)
•    Mountain Climbers (20 Repetitions)
•    Close-Grip Push-Ups (10 Repetitions)

You will find there are only 150 repetitions in this workout. As you build your strength, you can gradually increase that once over so you do 300 repetitions in total. By mixing and matching the exercises that suit you, you can create several variations to the basic bodyweight workouts.

A little imagination is all you need to create your own bodyweight workouts that is better suited to your fitness, strength and body type. A sample workout could look like:

•    Chin-Ups (30 Repetitions)
•    Jumping Jacks (100 Repetitions)
•    Boot Strappers (40 Repetitions)
•    Hindu Squats (50 Repetitions)
•    Clap Push-Ups (30 Repetitions)
•    Dive Bomers (20 Repetitions)
•    Chin-Ups (30 Repetitions)

Don’t let the lack of any equipment come in the way of your fitness goals. Get creative; keep experimenting with different exercise combinations and develop your very own customized 300 workout that works for you!

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