The BWET Gridiron Challenge | Watch the Game and Bet Your Sweat

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The BWET Gridiron Challenge | Watch the Game and Bet Your SweatI usually don’t post on Mondays since everyone has beginning-of-the-week work to do, but I do want to get his out today.   I promise to keep it short.  See, my buddy and I were talking about the football games tonight and decided to place a friendly wager on the teams we like.  But instead of betting money, we bet sweat.

Here’s the deal, and we challenge you to take this challenge as well.  Be sure to post your results in the comments section so we can all share in the experience.  Feel free to write your own variations, and remember, unless you are watching the football game with a group, you are pretty much accountable only to yourself, so don’t cheat.  So, without Further ado, here’s the BWET Gridiron Challenge.

Pick your team and write it down.  This gives you accountability.
Now, when:

  • The other team scores a touchdown, you do a 5 Burpee Ladder.
  • The other team scores a field goal (not extra point), you do 10 Boot Strappers.
  • The other team makes a first down, you do 10 sit-ups.
  • Your team gets a penalty, you do 5 each regular, diamond, and wide arm push-ups.
  • Your Quarterback is sacked, you do a 10 Burpee Ladder.
  • Your Quarterback throws an interception, you do 10 each, regular, diamond and wide arm push-ups.

For video demonstrations of these exercises, check out our video page.

Now, since there are two games tonight, you can be really hardcore and do this for both games, but I’m not.  So, have fun and remember, if your team does well, you get to watch your buddies sweat and make fun of them.

Don’t forget to tell everyone how it went and don’t cheat!

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