The first BWET Weekend Challenge – Blasting Your Arms

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This week we have changed this up a bit and posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Today.  If you all like this format, we’ll keep it.  For the first Friday posting, we want to introduce the BWET Weekend Challenge.  Each Friday, we will put together a simple but effective single workout you can add to your overall program.  If you like it, use it regularly.  As always, if you are participating in No Gym Magic, you will be able to design your own workouts that are effective and fun.

So, here we go…

I think we’ll call this all bodyweight exercise work out the Arm Assassin and it will build some serious functional strength in your bear grabbers.  If you plan to do anything strenuous with your arms this weekend, then you’s better put this off until Sunday evening.  I certainly don’t recommend climbing any cliffs or doing any swift-water rescues after doing this workout.
In a nutshell, we are going to blend a 10 Burppe Ladder with arm-specific exercises to maximize the load on your arms.
The only thing you will need besides your body is a pull-up bar, and a very thick phone book or anything 4 to 6 inches tall and shaped like a phone book.  It could be anything stable.

Let’s get started.
To warm up, do a set of your favorite stretches and about 30 Jumping Jacks to get the blood flowing.
And the rest of the workout goes like this:

10 Burpees
10 Diamond Pushups

9 Burpees
6 Chin-ups (Not Pull-ups, you want the palms of your hands facing you to work the Biceps.)

8 Burpees
9 Regular Push-ups

7 Burpees
6 Chin-ups

6 Burpees
10 Uneven Push-ups (One hand on the phone book)

5 Burpees
10 Uneven Push-ups (Other hand on the phone book)

4 Burpees
12 Diamond Push-Ups

3 Burpees
Chin-Ups to Failure

2 Burpees
Regular Push-ups to Failure

1 Burpee
Diamond Push-ups to Failure

Now remember, to failure means until you can no longer do the exercise with correct form, not until you can no longer move your body.  The between-set rest interval depends on your fitness level, but don’t stop half way through for a beer.

After this workout, cool down with another set of stretches and a medium length walk.

If you are hard-core enough to complete this workout, we definitely want to know about it.  If you know already that you aren’t at a level to complete the whole routine, then reduce the number of Burpees you are doing, but keep the arm exercises as challenging as you can.

Give’m hell, and enjoy your weekend!

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