The Secret To A Fast And Effective Bodyweight Workout

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The Secret To A Fast And Effective Bodyweight WorkoutDo you struggle with a busy schedule that leaves you completely spent at the end of the day? Exercise? That’s the last thing on your mind. By the time you wind up at work, all you want to do is get home, grab a bite and hit the bed!

For many people, the transition from easy college days with plenty of time (and energy) to work out to the busy and hectic days in the working world comes as a real shock. You spend all day chained to a desk, are numbingly tired at the end of the day and the sporadic workouts you try and cram into you schedule often leaves you with tight and aching muscles. It’s no wonder most people eventually give up working out altogether.

The good news? There is a solution…Bodyweight exercise training!

The athletic movements involved in a bodyweight workout are just what the doctor ordered for loosening up tight muscles and getting your body limber again. A good bodyweight workout will incorporate exercises that work out both your upper and lower body.

One of the best bodyweight exercises is the one known as the Overhead squat or Y-squat, which is excellent for strengthening the muscles in your lower back and also stretching and loosening up tight pectoral muscles. Make sure that you keep your shoulders squared and your shoulder-blades well back when you do Overhead squats, and you should feel the tension in your back muscles as you go through your workout. This particular exercise should leave the muscles of your back feeling loose and limber when you are done.

When going through a bodyweight workout, you should challenge yourself to constantly increase the range of motion your body is capable of. This will help to ‘unstick’ your body from the unpleasant posture that many people come to get stuck in after long hours at a desk almost every day of the week. If you do this as you go through a good bodyweight workout, you will find that your muscles will not become tight and tied up like the muscles of many corporate executives are.

Secret To A Fast And Effective Bodyweight WorkoutIf you have pains in your back that ultimate derive from bad posture, you need to get down to doing a good bodyweight workout routine on a regular basis. Mastering the basic exercises that develop good posture such as the Plank and the Bird Dog will work wonders for your body, and even straighten up muscles that have long since become tied up and twisted.

If you are a deskbound white collar worker, then you will need as much help as you can get from a good bodyweight workout. With close to a hundred different exercises in the bodyweight workout manual, you will be able to improve your agility, strength, mobility and endurance in no time. A good bodyweight workout has the added advantage of making you feel alive and well.

Many people turn to caffeine in the form of Starbucks coffee or energy drinks when they need a quick energy boost. In the time it takes for you to get out of your house and walk down to the local Starbucks, however, you could complete a full bodyweight workout circuit. Doing a bodyweight workout will not only give you a sustained energy boost that will last much longer than a caffeine boost but it will also loosen up tense muscles, invigorate you by increasing blood flow to the brain, increase the rate at which you use up calories and burn fat, and improve your overall health.

Also, if you are looking for a quick stress-relief fix, then a single set of 10 Overhead squats or Stick-ups will do the trick nicely. And no matter how unfit you are, that one set should not take you more than 30 seconds to complete.

One question that many people have when they contemplate starting a proper bodyweight workout regime is whether or not bodyweight exercises will help them build muscle. The answer is really dependent on the stage that you are at in your physical development. Some people find that they are able to get toned bodies fit for a magazine cover with just bodyweight exercises while it may take more than that for others.

Of course, there are certain exercises that are better for muscle development than others, such as single-leg squats, chins, dips, glute-ham raises, shoulder-press pushups and pull-ups. All of these exercises will help you with muscle development, and have the added advantage of not needing any form of exercise facility to be performed, so you can do them no matter where you might be.

Most people, however, will need to supplement their bodyweight workout with weight exercises in order to develop muscle. One good method of developing muscle faster is to make use of dumbbells whenever possible while doing your regular bodyweight workout. This will help to increase the rate at which your body gains muscle from the bodyweight exercises that you do.

Also, for those people looking for a workout to do in place of their regular interval workout, a bodyweight workout is definitely suitable for them. A good bodyweight workout to replace interval training is a workout combining 6 bodyweight exercises, alternating between upper-body and lower-body workouts. And the best thing about such a bodyweight workout is that you can do it entirely at home, without the need for any sort of exercise equipment or specialized venue.

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