Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises To Improve Your Golf Game

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BWET Top 5As Spring rolls in and the grass turns green again, I’m reminded of Robin Williams’ account of Golf’s creation.   With a thick Scottish accent, and drunken lisp on top, he beautifully recounts the whole process from course design to club shape. Here’s a YouTube clip…




Now, that your sides are splitting, let’s get started on some exercises.
First, I’ll let you decide for yourself how you want to build your workout.  If you want a ready-made workout, I have a link below to a trusted program.  But, I feel good about you being able to build the routine you need to improve your weaknesses.

Lying Knee Clappers
Purpose:  Increase  hip range of motion
How To:
Lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground and your heels approximately an inch in front of your ankles. (like you’re giving birth)  Spread your feet out to the sides as far as you can.  Now, pull your knees together.  Hold.  Repeat.

Seated Trunk Twists
Purpose:  Improves trunk range of motion
How To:
Sit upright with your knees touching.  interlace your fingers behind your head (like you’re being arrested).  Pull your elbows back and push your chest outward.  Keeping this posture, rotate to one side then bend.  Hold.  Repeat for other side.

Fairway Lunges:
Purpose:  Builds muscle relationship between hip and opposite shoulder.
How To:
Grab Your Putter or another short-staffed club.  No woods, unless you have orangutan arms.  Start at the bottom of a standard lunge.  Hold your putter between your hands with your arms locked so that it is at an angle from your back hip toward your opposite shoulder. Sit upright so that your back hip is fully extended. From here, lightly squeeze your backside gluteal muscles as you rock your hips forward. As you’re rocking forward, use your bottom hand to drive the top arm into a diagonal rotation pattern. At the end of the rock, you should feel a slight stretch to the hip flexor on the back leg and in the pectoralis muscle on the opposite side.

Purpose:  Core strength and stability
How To:
Assume the push-up position.  Drop down to your elbows and hold for 30 seconds.
side planks – rotate your body to one side.  prop yourself up on one elbow and the side of your foot.  Hold for 30 seconds.

Medicine Ball Scoops
Purpose:  develop rotational power and core flexibility
How To:
Standing about 6 to 8 feet and 90 degrees from a solid (very solid) wall, hold a medicine ball in an inverse grip. (hand closest to wall on back of ball)  Twist your torso and move the ball toward your back hip (hip farthest from the wall).  Next, forcefully rotate toward the wall with all your power, releasing the ball at the wall.  Hence the strong wall!  Repeat for each side.

With these five exercises you should be able to build the functional strength to improve your long game and accuracy.  Use them regularly to be the talk of the driving range.

Now, as promised, the link to a trusted ready-made program to improve your game.

If your fitness, or rather lack of it, is stopping you from getting the score you deserve, then Golf Fitness Challenge is absolutely for YOU!

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