Top 5 Bodyweight Workouts For Functional Strength

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BWET Top 5This week’s top 5 is going to be a long one.  I’m giving you 5 complete workouts to build functional strength.  But first, let’s define functional strength for our purposes since the meaning varies from situation to situation.  Basically, functional strength means something different for a tennis player than it does for a soldier in the mountains of Southwest Asia.

For us, today, functional strength means being better able to carry out your daily tasks while feeling better and stronger.  Just normal, every-day stuff like climbing stairs, handling your groceries, working in the yard, etc.

Let’s get started…

The Grocery Getter (30 minutes)

Principle:  Bending, reaching, lifting, core strength

Warm Up – Windmills (4 count) 20 reps.

The circuit:
Plank – 1 minute
Rest 30 seconds
Ab Bicycles – 1 minute
Rest 30 seconds
Lateral Plank right side – 1 minute
Rest 30 seconds
Russian Twist – 1 minute
Rest 30 seconds
Lateral Plank left side – 1 minute
Rest 3 minutes
Repeat cycle 2 more times

The All-Around (20 Minutes)

Principle:  General fitness for all occasions

Warm Up – One circuit at medium pace

The circuit:
Hindu Squats – 10 reps
Burpees – 5 reps
Hindu Pushups – 10 reps
Rest 3 minutes
Repeat circuits at your best pace for 20 minutes.

The Stairwell Commando (20 Minutes)

Principle:  Skip the elevator and blast your way up the stairs to get to your office.

Warm Up – Jumping Jacks for 2 minutes

The circuit:
Hindu Squats – 10 Reps
360 Degree Lunges – 5 Reps
Glute Kick Backs – 10 Reps
Rest 3 Minutes
Hindu Squats – 10 Reps
Rear Lunges – 10 Each Leg
Sissy Squats – 10 Reps
Cool Down – Short Walk (Optional)
Do not rest between exercises.  Move directly from exercise to exercise as quickly as you can.

The Enduro (20 minutes)

Principle:  Build endurance and physical stamina

The circuit:
Warm-Up – Cut time in half and complete the circuit.
Do max reps in time allotted.  Do Not rest between exercises.
The circuit:
Side Hops – 2 Minutes
Burpees – 2 Minutes
Tuck Jumps – 2 Minutes
360 Degree Lunges – 2 Minutes
Push-Ups – 2 Minutes
Rest – 1 Minute
Repeat Once for a solid 20 minute cardio blast that can be done virtually anywhere.

The Golf Tee (25 minutes)

The principle:  Upper body strength and definition

The circuit:
You will need a pull-up bar.
Push-Ups – 2 Minutes
Chin-Ups – 2 Minutes
Diamond Push-Ups – 1 Minute
Rest 2 Minutes
Wide Arm Push-Ups – 2 Minutes
Pull-Ups – 2 Minutes
Uneven Push-Ups – 1 Minute
Repeat entire circuit twice.

There you have it.  BWET’s Top 5 quick workouts to build the functional strength to make your life more enjoyable and your daily physical tasks easier.  The side benefit, is you will be looking and feeling like a Hollywood Action Movie Star.


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