Top 5 Exercises Every Tennis Player Should Know

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BWET Top 5Your serve is a virtual bank of free points, but whether you have the account or your opponent depends on your ability to power the ball across the court.  Today we are going to discuss the 5 exercises every tennis player should have in their bodyweight routine.  Building and using a strong workout routine is crucial to success in any sport, and tennis is no different.  If you want to improve your game and dominate the tennis court, read on…


Number 5 – Plyometric Pushups
Start by assuming a normal push-up position.  Instead of following the normal tempo of down and up, drop down normally and explosively push yourself back up so your hands leave the ground.  Catch yourself and and return smoothly to the bottom position and repeat.

Number 4 – Overhead Slams
I normally preach to train with the equipment of your sport, but no one wants to slam their racquet on the ground repeatedly, and a tennis ball is too small and light.  So for this exercise, get an 8 pound medicine ball or a reinforced sand bag.   To perform, stand with feet parallel and shoulder width apart.  Pull the ball above and behind your head and slam it on the ground in front of you.  If you’re using a ball, try to catch it on the rebound.

Number 3 – Side Throws
Using your medicine ball or sand bag and a strong solid wall, stand at 90 degrees to the wall with your ball in your hands.  Place your feet in a position of comfortable stability.  Twisting at the hips, forcefully slam the ball against the wall.  Repeat on both sides.

Number 2 – Wind Sprints
Getting your racquet across the court quickly makes the difference between returning the ball and giving up a point.  So, in order to build explosive short distance speed, you have to learn how to sprint.  Set a 100 yard course.  Sprint as hard as you can for 25 yards, slow down for 50, then repeat.

Number 1 – Pull Ups
Shoulder and upper back strength give power to racquet.  If you can’t do pull-ups, start out with bodyweight rows by placing a sturdy bar a few feet off the floor and lie under it without eh bar at shoulder level.  Grasp the bar and pull yourself upward.  Use varying grips to target different muscles.  Wide for shoulders, close for chest and triceps.

Adding these five exercise to your exercise repertoire will help you rack up the points and dominate the tennis court every time.


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