Top 5 Springtime Outdoor Exercises

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BWET Top 5Since spring has sprung and the weather is getting nicer by the week, it’s time to get outside for some fresh air and fresh workouts.  So, grab a small towel and a water bottle and follow me…

Want to be able to chase down a purse snatcher?  How about just keep up with your kids on the soccer field?  Then sprints are what you need.  If you have an 800 meter track nearby, then this will be easy to measure.
If you’re just starting, sprint all out for 100 meters and lightly jog or walk for 200 meters.  Repeat.  2 laps will give you 1600 meters or 1 mile.
If you don’t have a track handy, then light poles are a great visual aid for tracking distance.  Start out by sprinting form one pole to the next (typically 100 feet), then walking one span.  Repeat.  Add sprint distance as your endurance progresses.

Hill Climbs
Find a small hill or knoll and sprint up to the top, and walk down the back.
Turn around and do it again.

Adding Calisthenics…

Add a set of 5 burpees to the end of each sprint to get a full body strength workout built into your cardio.

Hindu Push Ups
These are great for shoulder strength, core stability and spinal mobility.  Add a set of 5 or 10 to your sprints to spice it up like a Chicken Tikka.

Walking Lunges
Do you want tremendous leg strength to go along with your endurance?
Instead of walking between sprints, do walking lunges.  You will want to cut the distance down between sprints or you will be calling for a ride home though.

Let’s take a quick look at some possible combinations before I go outside for my workout.

Hill Climb with Burpees. (beginner)
Sprint up the hill.
Do 5 Burpees
Walk down the back side.
Sprint back up the hill.
Do 4 burpees.
Walk back down
Sprint up the hill.
Do 3 burpees.
You get the picture.  Stop when you get to the top of the hill and have no
more burpees to do.

Hill climb with Burpees (advanced)
Sprint up the hill.
5 Burpee Ladder
Walk down.
Sprint up the hill
4 Burpee Ladder
Walk back down
Stop when you run out of Burpees.
Or just keep going working back up the Burpee ladder, but you’d have to be pretty hard-core for that.

Telephone pole Lunge Circuit.
Sprint from one telephone pole to the next.
Turn around.
Walking Lunges 1/2 the way back, walking the second half.
Turn around and do it all again.
Repeat 5 times.  Rest when you need to.

That’s just a couple of rough ideas to get you started.  Use you imagination and just get out there to get fit.


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