Try Out the Evolving Army Workout

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So, finally after 30+ years of the same old 3-event APFT, or Army Physical Fitness Test, Good old Uncle Sam is rolling out a new era of Army fitness.

Dubbed Physical Readiness Training, it is sure to be a show stopper for soldiers in poor or borderline physical condition. I foresee lots of remedial PT for some soldiers, while others will see the new testing standards as a fun little obstacle course.

After testing at a handful of bases this year, the Army Training Command plans to roll out the whole program to units late this year or early next year.


Try Out the Evolving Army Workout
MyFox Phoenix
SCOTTSDALE – A 2-mile run, push ups and sit-ups — for years, that’s been the fitness test for the US Army. But now, requirements are changing. The Army is trying to make its fitness test more like combat. FOX 10’s Britt Moreno went to Primal Fitne

My take on it?
It’s about time. Honestly folks, push ups, sit ups and a 2 mile run don’t effectively gauge a soldiers ability to carry wounded, ammo, weapons, gear, kitchen sinks, and what ever else they have to schlep around the modern battlefield while wearing a vest that weighs the same as an 8 year old kid.

Too many combat related injures are the result of poor physical conditioning. Soldiers should not be leaving the fight due to musculo-skeletal injuries from being out of shape.

Will this new program be effective? We’ll see. I’ve checked it out and it looks really good. In fact, you’ll be seeing some of it here in the near future…

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