Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Even though this is not a purely bodyweight training program, I find Visual Impact Muscle Building very useful and well put together.  If you are still a gym-goer, or have a home gym, then Rusty Moore’s newest program will work very well for you.

For all you bodyweight exercise purists out there, I shouldn’t have to tell you that every exercise performed on equipment can also be performed using only your bodyweight as resistance.  So, yes, Visual Impact will work for you too.  Maybe even better, since Visual Impact is built around the concept of lean strength.

Let me explain more.  Inside Visual Impact, Rusty explains how the “lean Hollywood look” is visually appealing to the opposite sex, more than the over-glandular puffy and roid-head look of professional body builders.  He will also explain how to obtain that Hollywood action star look.  

Would I buy this product?  Well, in order to review it properly, I already have.  Should you by it?

That depends on your answers to these questions:
– Do you have 47 bucks?
– Do you want to look like Jason Statham?
– Do you want to take your time and make sure you get the look to last?
– Do you want to learn about the ONLY natural supplement you need to achieve results?
– Do you want our skin to look like it was “shrink wrapped” over your dense, strong muscles?

If you have more Yeses than No’s, then Visual Impact is probably a good fit for you, but with the caveat that for bodyweight purists, you will have to change the exercises given.

You can check out Rusty’s pitch HERE, to decide for yourself.  I liked it, and I think you will too.

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