Weekend Challenge | Setting Up For Summer

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BWET Weekend ChallengeIt’s mid-April, the season for tax forms, Spring cleaning and it’s also time to start setting up for Summer.  Don’t think you still have plenty of time, though.  There’s less than 6 full weeks before Memorial Day.  Take this weekend to get started on a program that will help you to build the summer beach body you’ve always wanted.  Today, we’ll look at a few choice programs and give you the scoop on which ones work the best in the time you have left.

Let’s get stated with a very popular program, Visual Impact Muscle Building.  Visual impact has an alternate program just for women as well, but we’ll cover it separately, since it’s not the same program with different pictures.  It’s a whole different technique.  Anyway, back to Visual Impact.  This program was released by Rusty Moore earlier this year and has seen astounding popularity among the DIY fitness crowd.  We like it too.  It’s well planned, thorough, and above all, doable.  It however, does take a while to complete the whole program.  Rusty doesn’t promise a Jason Statham body in 6 weeks.

Yes, ladies.  Now we’re going to talk about Visual Impact for Women.  Also from Rusty Moore, this is not your mother’s workout program.  First of all, there’s no leotard and leg-warmer wearing political activists.  Secondly, Visual Impact for Women was actually created FOR women.  Most of today’s exercise programs use a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness having men and women doing the same exercises for the same sets at the same weights.  If you’re looking to build a killer body and still keep that attractive feminine look, then Visual Impact For Women is your program.

From the guys who coined the phrase Circular Strength Training, comes the most comprehensive guide to bodyweight exercise available on the web today.  My only wish is they hadn’t given a title that reeks of quick sales.  Title aside, Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is the pinnacle of bodyweight exercise guides.  Comprehensive, easy to read, and available as an instant download, Ryan Murdock and Adam Steers took this book to the limit.  In our review of this product earlier this year, we said these two guys deserve their own Bud Light commercial and we still believe that.

Now, if you’re ready and you think you have what it takes to train like Israeli soldiers and countless other secret squirrel guys from around the world, then take a peek at Scott Sonnon’s tried, tested and proven program TACFIT Commando.  Scott has a strong background in the special forces community and after transitioning to the civilian world, decided to share his fitness training with the rest of us.  I’ll tell you ahead of time, this program ain’t cheap and it ain’t easy either.  If you want cheap and easy, look somewhere else.  TACFIT Commando will take you from step 1 all the way through in an easy to follow format with tons of bonus materials, but you will work out ass off to get results, 30 minutes at a time.

So, check out these programs, pick one that suits your needs best and get started on building the summer beach body you’ve always wanted.

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