Weight Loss Exercises | Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Exercises | Full Body Workout for Weight LossLosing Weight is the Number 3 listed New Years resolution for Americans.  It follows only quitting smoking and making more money.   This is the wrong place for a fitness goal in y opinion.  Last week, we covered the importance of a positive outlook on getting fit, by focusing on the positive aspects of “building your physique” rather than the negative of “weight loss”.   I’ll not get into that whole speech again, you can read it here if you missed it last week.

Yes, I know the title of this post is “weight loss”.  The purpose is very simple.  I can reach a larger audience to help if I use a term that is searched for more.  That’s all.

Today, I’m going to give you a complete ABC or three phase workout for a full 3-On 1-Off routine.  The number of reps are in () parentheses.  The tempo is listed as 1-0-1.
A 2-0-1 tempo means: 2 seconds lowering, no pause, and 1 second lifting.
A 3-1-1 tempos means: 3 seconds lowering, 1 second pause, & 1 sec lift.

Finish each workout with stretching for the tight muscle groups only – the muscle groups that will be the tightest from these workouts and from daily activities are the chest, hip flexors, and hamstrings.  A warm-up is built into workouts, but you can do more warm-up activities if desired.

Exercises provided are either A or B, Advanced or Beginner
C and D exercises are alternatives to A/B exercises.

Workout A
1A) T-Squat (10) 2-0-1
1B) Side Plank (15 seconds)
2A) Ball Hip Extension (10) 1-0-1
2B) Elevated Pushup (5) 2-0-1
3A) Ball 2-Leg Curls (10) 1-0-1
3B) Bird Dog (5) 2-2-2
4A) Step-up (10) 3-1-2
4B) Stick-up (10) 2-1-2
5A) Jumping Jacks (40) 1-0-1
5B) Plank (30 seconds)

Workout B
1A) Cross Crawl (20) 1-0-1
1B) Sumo Squat (10) 2-1-1
2A) 1-Leg Hip Extension (10) 2-1-2
2B) Back Extension on Ball (10) 2-0-1
3A) Split Squat (10) 2-1-1
*3B) Beginner Inverted Row (10) 2-0-1
4A) Ab Curl (5) 1-0-5
4B) Side Plank (20 second hold)
4C) Pushup (10) 2-1-1
4D) Ball Jackknife (5) 1-1-1

Workout C
1A) Prisoner Squat (10) 2-0-1
1B) Off-set Push-up (5) 2-0-1
*2A) Assisted Chin-up (5) 4-0-1
2B) Ball Rollout (5) 2-1-1
3A) Close-grip Pushup (10) 2-0-1
3B) Bulgarian Split Squat (10) 2-0-1
4A) Ball Squat (10) 3-2-1
4B) 2-Leg Hip Extension (10) 2-0-1
4C) Stick-up (10) 1-1-1
4D) Bodyweight Squat (20) 1-0-1

*Substitute resistance band pulls if you don’t have access to a bar for Inverted Rows and Chin-ups

This workout is the brainchild of Craig Ballantyne, the genius and renegade fitness expert from Canada who is consistently bucking the system and bringing fitness to a more personal level for everyone by challenging the status quo and the whole self-perpetuatng fitness marketplace.  If you are interested in more complete bodyweight exercise routines, see what Craig can do for you HERE.

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