What The Hell Is A flexitarian?

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Flexitarian? It’s kinda an oxymoron. You will eat an entirely plant based diet most, but not all the time. Sounds like a regular diet to me. Maybe one with a higher emphasis on veggies, but nothing unusual. The proponents harp on the fact that vegetarians are usually skinny (not surprising) and have lower cholesterol, and blah blah, ad nauseum.

Here is the original article…

Mayo Clinic Columninsts Jennifer Nelson, M.S., R.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D. wrote:

Flexitarians eat a plant-based, vegetarian diet most — but not all — of the time.

Look folks, the important thing is you get the fuel your body needs from your food. If you have a moral objection to consuming the flesh of other animals, then eat tofu. If you have a base loathing of spinach or broccoli, don’t eat it.

In a nutshell, use common sense and good judgment. If you don’t have either of those, hire a nutritionist. If you have no common sense, judgment or enough money to hire a nutritionist, then your problems are probably bigger than whether to eat meat or a “Tofurkey” wrap with baby greens and a side of sprouts.

The most important organ in your body is sitting right behind the eyes you are using to read this article. It needs exercise too. Use it.

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