Workouts for Muscle Confusion | Buzz Word or Real World?

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Muscle Confusion?

Ever since some arrogant clown started selling an intense workout program on the web and late night infomercials, the term “muscle confusion” has taken center stage. Let me clear on thing up right now, once and for all. Muscles only do 2 things, contract and relax. They can’t get confused. If your muscles leave your body and join an insurgency somewhere, then they are confused, but otherwise, not happening. What these buzz word-dropping clowns are referring to, is avoiding training plateaus where your body adapts to the exercise routine and you no longer see the rapid progression in muscle gains or fat loss. It has absolutely nothing to do with confused muscles and everything to do with the human body’s ability to adapt to its environment. It is exactly the same thing as getting acclimated to the desert or the mountains. All I’m trying to say here is get smart before you piss away your hard-earned money to get strong.

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Muscle confusion workouts call for performing several exercises on each muscle or muscle group to keep them working harder and leaving no time to adapt, maximizing your workout time. With this type of routine, you can achieve the same gain in much less time if you are willing to put in the effort. Read More: Continue to LiveStrong




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