Yoga May Help Sciatica Pain | Ancient Yoga Positions To Help You Find Relief

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So, all those funny looking poses and positions that look like a game of Twister gone wrong, may actually be of some real help for women and men who suffer from Sciatica. I’m not shocked, only slightly embarrassed that I have a small plate fo crow in front of me as I write this post. I’ve honestly never taken Yoga seriously. I always wrote it off as a bunch of new-age hippies trying to make a buck and not have a real job. Silly me.
Check it out, I have to get started on this plate of crow…


Sciatica pain can radiate from the lower back all the way down the back of your leg and foot, following the route of the sciatic nerve. It is often due to compression at the sacroiliac joint, which causes inflamed spinal nerves, according to WomenFitness.net. Several classical yoga poses can open or… Continue reading

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